If art has to convey a message, I'm not an artist. I value skill and creativity above all, and I never cared to make any kind of statement through my craft. I just want to make nice things while developing new skills.

What got me into woodworking was the need, both mentally and physically, to move away from screens. Wether it was TV shows, video games, or mindless doom-scrolling, I used to spend an unhealthy amount of time staring at a screen. There were moments of joy in it, but once those moments were gone, there was nothing left to bring a true sense of fulfillment.

Since I saw the amazing works of Malcolm Tibbetts, Ken Cowell, Karl Hansen, and others, I became obsessed with woodturning. It was a very healthy obesession though; it unraveled something I didn't know I had in me - determination. I slowly built a workshop in my basement, one piece at a time, until I gathered all the necessary tools. I was finally ready to explore a new world full of challenges and possibilities, the wonderful world of segmented woodturning.



This is a one man shop, I do everything from sketching to shipping. The only thing I don't do is receptionist. Email me if you have any questions about an item or regarding your order, I will reply within 24 hours. If you contact me for anything else, keep reading, the answer to your question might be listed below.

Email: roysimon@live.ca

  • I don't sell plans or templates. I never did, and probably never will. There's a few bandsaw box and segmented turning books out there, but I encourage you to create your own designs. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it. there's value in uniqueness.
  • I don't take custom orders. My workshop is a sanctuary where I let my mind wander to create whatever I feel like, without boundaries or obligations whatsoever.
  • I only ship to USA and Canada. 
  • Yes you can use my vases as urns. An urn is whatever receptacle you put body ashes in, you decide. Personally, I'm more of a folger's coffee can kind of guy.
  • I'm not interested in your website management or advertising services.
  • No you can't share my content to your social media platforms. I don't care if you have a billion combined followers, unless you represent a serious woodworking/arts and crafts magazine, don't bother asking.
  • No I won't sell you pictures of my work for your NFT collection. I sell wood for dollars to people who can appreciate my craft for what it is. Keep your concoins, buy some monkey pics, and leave my work out of your digital wonderland.


Tools and Materials

  • Shop fox W1706 bandsaw with Viking blades from LeeValley, 1/4 - 6 tpi most of the time, 3/16 - 10 tpi for small radius, resaw blade for resawing.
  • Shop fox W1701 shaper with various router bits from various brands.
  • Dewalt DW735 thickness planer.
  • Dewalt DWE7480 table saw with 10" - 80 teeth Ultra finish Freud blade.
  • Dewalt DWS779 miter saw with 12" - 80 teeth Ultra bfinish Freud blade.
  • Mastercraft 10" drill press with various drill bits from various brands.
  • Laguna Revo 1216 lathe with 20" bed extention.
  • Laguna DB 12-6 disc belt sander with 80 grit sanding belt.
  • Laguna SS-14 spindle sander with 80 grit sleeves.
  • Supermax 19-38 drum sander with 80 grit sanding paper.
  • Rikon 8" low speed 1hp grinder, with 180 and 600 CBN grinding wheels, and wolverine grinding jig.
  • King Industrial 1200 CFN dust collector.
  • Wen model 3410 air filtration system.
  • Crown turning gauges, Easywoodtools carbide tools, D-way beading tools.
  • Oneway lathe accessories; chucks, jaws, spur drive, live center.
  • Beall lathe-mount buffing system and bowl buff set from Leevalley.com.
  • Axminster SK-100 chuck with eccentric spiralling system.
  • Faceplates of various sizes from various brands.
  • PSI Woodworking tailstock chuck adapter.
  • EZ threading/sphere jig and basket illusion kit from Chefwarekits.com
  • Razortip SK detail burning system, with 1/8 basket illusion burning pen from carvertools.com.
  • Faber Castell pitt artist brush pen (India ink).

I use various glues, finishes, and sanding papers for various applications. Do your resarch, read the instructions, experiment for yourself, and take any advices from anybody with a grain of salt.