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segmented vase with a secret box by Simon Roy

Secret Box!

Cyborg box by Simon Roy, play with the eyes to change the look!

Cyborg Box!

Before i discovered the joys of wood turning, i was a bandsaw box maker. From 2014 to 2018, that's all i've been making. I created dozens of original designs, until i reached the pinnacle, the Cyborg Box! I'm pretty much done with bandsaw boxes, but i will make an exception for this particular design.

Segmented vase with deep arrow inlays and hidden box by roysbox

Any Directions?

8 arrow inlays pointing in 8 different directions, this is the "Any Directions?" vase! It also features a hidden box and decorative inlays inside and under. When i started my wood turning journey in January 2018, i never thought i'd be making such cool projects. I'm a vase maker from now on!

Red and white vase with swirling arrow segments and secret box. home decor by Simon Roy

The X Rated Vase

This one is for adults only. It's made from an indecently sexy trio of curly maple, bloodwood and wenge. My poor photography skills doesn't do it justice, i struggled to capture the curls of the maple and the wonderful shimmer of the bloodwood. You'll have to buy it to see for yourself!